“I chase BIG storms in a really little car”. That’s my slogan and the car is a 2010 Honda Fit that I call “The Pod“.  The name reminds me of the data collection pods used in the movie Twister and since my car is really small and I do use it for some data collection, it kind of fit (no pun intended). 

 I would like to thank Jon Claude Jenkins at Whelen Engineering, Mass Communication Division (they make many of the tornado sirens used in Arkansas) and Sharon Parker and the good people at Metro Disaster Specialists in North Little Rock for sponsoring the wrap on The Pod.  Whelen Engineering also outfitted the car with one of their awesome LED light bars. The car is actually blue, but you’d never know it unless you looked closely. Rollin-Wrapz in North Little Rock wrapped it. Other sponsors are David Bazzel with Fourth Quarter Productions, Sore Lip ‘Em All fishing adventures, and Ameri-Pro Structures who manufacture Safe Harbor Arkansas safe rooms and tornado shelters in Sheridan. 

I’ll post some information about why I chose this car and what type of equipment I use when I go storm chasing soon.